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GCJ Series Steel Belt Type Slag Removal Machine

The GCJ series steel belt slag remover is the key equipment for the dry slagging system of power plant boilers and is installed at the outlet of the slagging device at the bottom of the furnace. T

GDMY-16 10 Hydraulic Shut-off Door

GDMY-16/1 0 hydraulic shut-off door installed in the lower part of the slag well, its main function is to close the shut-off door when the furnace bottom slagging equipment failure, through the slag well effective slag storage volume to temporarily store the furnace bottom slag, to ensure that the slagging equipment in a limited period of time for temporary repair and non-stop furnace. The hydraulic locking mechanism in the hydraulic system and the mechanical locking of the cylinders after the closing of the shut-off door ensure that the door does not open automatically even if the hydraulic lines are discharged.

ZJ300 Water-sealed Slag Well

The ZJ300 water-sealed slag shaft, arranged under the boiler's lower connecting box, has the main function of accidental slag storage and absorption of the expansion of the boiler's water-cooled wall. Normally, the slag well has a storage volume of not less than 4-8 hours of slag discharge under MCR conditions, and the slag well is usually supported independently; the slag well water seal tank can effectively absorb the expansion of the boiler water-cooled wall vertically and horizontally, and the water seal tank is equipped with flushing and drainage measures. When using suspended installation, no water seal tank is provided, but the expansion of the boiler is absorbed by the lower equipment.

DG-S830 Single Roller Slag Crusher

DGS- 830 single roller slag crusher is mainly used for crushing slag of power station boiler slag removal system. The machine is characterized by reasonable design, compact structure, strong crushing force, good sealing, stable and reliable performance, as well as "self-control discharge" and adjustable slag size.

BP Type Combined Bulk Feeder

The BP combined bulk feeder is a new type of product for unloading bulk materials from vehicles. The feeder's upper receiving hopper, after accepting the unloading of loaded vehicles, caches the material in the receiving hopper and conveys it evenly to the next level of conveyor.

QBG Series Light Plate Feeder

QBG series light plate feeder is widely used in the process of extraction, light transport and batching in non-ferrous, mining, cement, fertilizer, chemical, metallurgical and paper industries, etc. It is suitable for continuous and uniform distribution of bulk or lump materials with a capacity of not more than 1.2t/ m', a lump weight of not more than 140kg and a temperature of not more than 350°C along horizontal or inclined sections to working machinery or other containers such as silos and funnels. The feeders are available in five models. There are five types of feeders in this series with a feeding capacity of up to 338 m/h.

BW Type Plate Feeder

BW type series plate feeder is used for conveying various lumpy or loose materials from storage bin to crusher or other working machines along horizontal or inclined direction, widely used in mining, cement and other industries, the mechanism is compact, reasonable, stable performance, good speed regulation performance, conveying without spreading and leaking materials.

DXP Series Disc Conveyor

DXP series disc conveyor is a kind of cement clinker conveying equipment, large block size can reach 350mm, maximum temperature can reach 600°C, long conveying distance can reach 400m, large inclination angle can reach 28°, and wear damage is very small, and can be multi-point adding and discharging.

GZG Hanging Closed Type Vibrating Feeder

GZG hanging enclosed vibrating feeder adopts vibrating motor as the vibrating force, using the inertia of electric vibration to feed the material from the silo to the receiving device in a uniform, quantitative and continuous manner. The machine has simple structure, light weight, low cost; low energy consumption, low equipment running cost; few lubrication points and wearing parts, easy maintenance; materials are thrown in the state of conveying, small wear and tear on the bearing, can convey abrasive materials.

Dry Ash Bulk Loading Machine

Dry ash bulk loader for loading and unloading of dry ash from slag and ash depots to transport vehicles. The height of the discharge opening can be adjusted to suit transport vehicles with different loading opening heights.

ZZS Series Linear Vibrating Screen

ZZS series linear vibrating screen is a new type of vibrating sieving equipment with vibrating motor as the excitation source, due to the small inclination of the screen surface, the height of the screen is reduced, which is convenient for process arrangement; and the screen surface is linear reciprocating motion, the material layer above is moving forward on the one hand, and on the other hand the material layer is subject to compaction in the process of jumping up and down, which is conducive to dewatering, desliming and deslipping. Therefore, it is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, chemical industry, building materials, food processing, machinery manufacturing and other industries. The sieve body is generally installed with an inclination of 5° ~20°, which is suitable for the classification, dewatering and desmearing of large output, large and medium lumpy materials in various industries.

ST-450 Coal Hopper Unblocking Machine

The ST-450 bucket unblocking machine uses a hydraulic pump station to drive a hydraulic cylinder to move the bucket unblocking rod up and down along the wall of the bucket, and the scraper on the unblocking rod scrapes the wall of the bucket to unblocking the material.

BI600x 2n Toggle Feeder

The BL600x 2n toggle feeder is an auxiliary feeding device designed for pre-furnace feed bins in biomass power plants. The toggle spreads over the entire bunker cross-section to.

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