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Conveyor parts

Electric Star Type Ash Discharge Valve

Electric star type ash discharging valve is widely used in cement, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and light industry. It is generally installed in the lower part of the silo as a feeding device.

Air Conveying Inclined Chutes

The air conveying inclined trough is a kind of pneumatic conveying equipment widely used in conveying dry powdery materials, mainly consisting of upper casing, lower casing, air permeable layer sandwiched between upper and lower casing, fan, etc.. The material is fed into the upper casing from above and the compressed air is blown into the lower casing by the fan and through the air permeable layer with dense pores to make the material in the upper casing inflated and fluidized to flow downwards along the inclined trough, so as to achieve the purpose of conveying. The air conveying inclined trough is mainly used for conveying cement and raw material in cement industry, but also suitable for conveying powder materials such as bauxite, coal powder, coal ash, alumina, gypsum powder, flour, phosphate ore powder, etc. which are easy to fluidise, but not suitable for materials with high moisture content and poor fluidisation performance.

RCDB Series Disc Type Electromagnetic Iron Remover

RCDB series disc type electromagnetic iron remover is a kind of iron remover device for removing powdered or lumpy non-magnetic materials. It has a self-cooling, fully sealed structure with strong attraction, dustproof, rainproof and corrosion resistant, and can operate reliably in harsh environments.

RCDD Series Disc Type Electromagnetic Iron Remover

The RCDD series self-unloading electromagnetic iron remover is based on the RCDA, RCDB and RCDE series suspended electromagnetic iron remover. On the basis of the RCDA, RCDB and RCDE series of electromagnetic separators, the driving motor, drum and iron unloading tape with scraper are added to the iron unloading mechanism. It has the advantages of high magnetic force, fast heat dissipation, dustproof, rainproof, corrosion resistance, continuous work, automatic iron unloading without power failure, etc. It is well received by the majority of users.

508 Pressure Vacuum Release Valve

508 pressure vacuum release valve is suitable for arrangement on top of the ash storage, in the ash storage inlet and exhaust gas over, pressure and abnormal temperature changes, to protect the ash storage from excessive positive and negative pressure, is a kind of protection device for ash storage.

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