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RMS Horizontal Submerged Scraper Conveyor

The RMS horizontal submerged scraper conveyor is designed with the characteristics of good material conveying performance and large conveying capacity in the grain and oil industry, it has high speed and large capacity, and can be added and discharged at multiple points. There are 8 types of submerged scraper conveyors in this series. The conveying capacity can reach 1250t/h and the conveying distance can reach 80M.

MSD MSDA Series Submerged Scraper Conveyor

MSD/MSDA series submerged scraper conveyor is a special coal feeding conveyor for power plants, it has low speed and can be adjusted, and the coal feeding volume can be controlled by adjusting the height of the material layer, MSDA series submerged scraper conveyor is improved on the basis of MSD series, it is used for circulating fluidised bed boiler positive pressure coal feeding.

MSM Series Wear Resistant Submerged Scraper Conveyor

MSM series submerged scraper conveyor is specially designed for conveying fly ash and boiler bottom slag, it has low speed, the chain and guide rail are made of special material and undergo surface heat treatment, with good wear resistance, and can be lined with easily removable wear-resistant steel plates or paved with cast stone plates according to user requirements. This series of submerged scraper conveyor is also suitable for conveying other materials with strong abrasive properties such as stone coal.

MSR Series Wear-resistant Submerged Scraper Conveyor For Metallurgy

The MSR series of wear-resistant submerged scraper conveyors for metallurgy are developed for the metallurgical industry, where the materials have high capacity, high abrasiveness and high temperature. It is widely used in the metallurgical industry for conveying high temperature and high abrasive materials such as copper concentrate, lead (zinc) roasting sand and smelting fume and dust. The series has 7 specifications and the conveying capacity can reach 80t/h with an installation inclination of 15°.

FU Series Chain Conveyors

Fu series chain conveyor is suitable for conveying powdery, granular and small lumpy materials in horizontal or slightly inclined ( a≤10° ) direction which are easy to flow, and is widely used in cement, grain, coal, thermal power, chemical and other industries. This machine has compact structure, good sealing, flexible process arrangement, can be multi-point feeding and multi-material unloading.

GZJA Series Slag Scraping Conveyor

GZJA series slag scraping conveyor is mainly used for water-cooled conveying of high temperature slag in boilers (wet conveying), but also for wet and dry conveying of other bulk and small lumpy materials such as coal, charcoal and dry furnace ash.

GZJF Series Water Seal Scraper Conveyor

GZJF series water-sealed slag scraping conveyor is mainly used for water-cooled conveying of high temperature slag in boilers of waste power plants, with circulating water in the trough and slag falling into the trough for cooling.

MX Series Scraper Conveyors

The MX series scraper conveyor is characterised by high efficiency, low power consumption and low noise, with a maximum inclination angle of 30° when arranged in an inclined position.

MSJ Series Chain Conveyor

MSJ type submerged scraper conveyor for soda ash is specially used for conveying powder, granular and small lump materials which are easy to flow, such as soda ash (especially hot soda ash above 150°) horizontally or with slight inclination (a≤10°). The machine is well sealed, and can automatically adjust the thermal expansion and contraction of the conveying chain, the process layout is flexible, and it can be fed and discharged at multiple points. The machine adopts forging chain as traction member, with low power consumption and long life of scraper chain, conveying distance Lmax=80m, conveying capacity Qmax= 575m%h.

GSZ Series Scraper Conveyor

GSZ series scraper conveyor is suitable for powder, granular, small lump and mixture materials with temperature below 250°, mainly for horizontal conveying, but also for inclined conveying, its conveying inclination angle can be up to 20°, mainly for the conveying of various raw materials, can be applied to mining, metallurgy, coal mining, chemical industry for the conveying of materials with no high requirement of water content, particle size below 300mm. When horizontal conveying can be divided into single and double transport, easy to install and maintain, can be multi-point feeding and discharging, this machine is dry conveying. It is not suitable for conveying sticky and friable materials with low crushing rate.

GMJ750 Extra Wide Wheat Scraper

The GMJ750 extra wide malt scraper is used in malting plants and brewery malt shops and consists of a scraper running mechanism and an equipment walking mechanism with a spraying device. The malt is evenly distributed, stirred, conveyed and humidified by the scraper moving back and forth along both sides of the malt pond and the scraper running.

MC Vertical Submerged Scraper Conveyor

The MC-type submerged scraper conveyor can be arranged vertically or at a large inclination, with an inclination range of 15° <x≤90° and a conveying capacity of up to 450 m2/h.

MCMMCJ (Vertical) Type Submerged Scraper Conveyor

The MCM vertical submerged scraper conveyor is used for slag removal in power plants or for conveying highly abrasive materials such as smelting copper concentrates, with a chain and pressure rail made of wear-resistant materials, surface treated and with low chain speed, suitable for 24-hour conveying conditions. For conveying alkali fibres, also suitable for conveying other materials with lighter specific gravity.

MZ Series Submerged Scraper Conveyor

MZ type submerged scraper conveyor is a kind of conveyor with Z-shaped layout, which consists of lower horizontal section, bending section, vertical middle section, upper rotary section, horizontal section and head. This series of submerged scraper conveyor can be reasonably laid out according to the conveying process location and the change of terrain.

TB Series Bucket Elevator

TB series bucket elevator is designed and manufactured according to the national standard with the plate sleeve roller chain as the traction part. It is suitable for conveying abrasive materials with a specific gravity of ≤2 t/m' and a lump size of ≤110 mm, and the temperature of the materials does not exceed 250°C, such as lump coal, gravel, ore, pebbles, etc.

NE series bucket elevator

NE series plate chain bucket elevator, the structure and material conveying method and working condition is basically the same as TB series, but occupies less space. It is widely used to lift powder materials and various bulk materials, such as cement clinker, cement, limestone, coal, gypsum, etc.

NSE Series Bucket Elevators

NSE series plate chain bucket elevator is a high speed and large conveying capacity elevator, its chain speed reaches about 1m/s, compared with NE, the same specification lifting capacity reaches twice the NE type, mainly used for powder material lifting.

ZLY Central Chain Centrifugal Discharge Bucket Elevator

The central chain centrifugal discharge bucket elevator is the most advanced vertical lifting equipment in the world. After the bucket width exceeds 1000, two independent rows of central chains are used to draw the buckets side by side, i.e. double buckets and double chains, which is different from the single bucket and double chains of ordinary plate chain bucket elevators. The lifting height exceeds 70 metres and ensures stable operation in harsh environments for long periods of time.

TD Series Bucket Elevators

TD series belt bucket elevator, designed and manufactured according to the national standard, uses high-strength transport belt as the traction member, has two ways of discharging material: centrifugal and mixed, lifting height up to 40 m (material γ≤1.5), conveying capacity 4~240 m%h.

TH Series Ring Chain Bucket Elevator

TH series ring chain bucket elevator, the traction component is the garden ring chain, the structure is simple. It is manufactured according to IS0610-79 and is suitable for conveying powder, granular, small lumpy and low abrasive materials with an accumulation density of ≤1.5t/m3 and a material temperature of not more than 250°C. The machine is equipped with two types of hoppers: ZH type (medium and deep hopper) is generally suitable for conveying wet, lumpy and difficult to throw materials, such as wet sand, sand, fertilizer, alkali powder, etc. SH type (deep hopper) is generally suitable for conveying dry and loose materials. SH type (deep hopper) is generally suitable for conveying dry, loose and easy to throw out materials, such as cement, gravel, coal blocks, etc. The lifting height can reach 40m.

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